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Paint Services and Colour Information

Colour Information

» Mid-America Colour Cross Reference
» Mid-America Full Colour Offerings
» Valor Standard Colour Offerings

Paint Services


Valor uses only Low VOC (volatile organic content) waterbase paint. We’ve selected paint specifically developed to provide superior adhesion to plastic substrates and hardness. Valor has applied this product since 2006 with excellent results.


All products go through a multi-stage preparation process to ensure correct adhesion to the product.


Valor utilizes the most advance HVLP guns for application of paint. Some colour pigments require multiple wet coats where each coat needs to fully flash off before the next coat can be applied. Some colours will be applied at a premium to cover any additional costs.

Heat Reflective

Darker colours will have a heat reflective additive to reduce surface temperatures intended to reduce warping and expansion.

Gloss Level

Our paint is ordered with a 60% gloss, although we have specified large projects using material with larger surface area in MATT finish that would be approximately at 40% gloss.


All painted product is protected as required, with poly wrap, self-adhesive film, foam, or cardboard.

Minimum Charge

The minimum Charge applies to each colour ordered. If the total square feet, or flat rate paint charges do not meet or exceed the minimum charge then the minimum charge will be billed.

Core Colours: These are generally colours that are requested frequently and as a result we generally use this paint quickly. Please contact our office for current core colours. We will add core colours that may be requested regularly.
Non-Core Colours: These are colours that are not requested frequently and a result some paint ordered my need to be discarded. Extra charges will apply.

Paint Match

We can match any colour however due to match cost and the amount of paint required, we will charge a paint match fee.


Projects that will use greater than a gallon of paint will generally not have extra charges, however minimum charges will always apply.

Paint Schedule

Due to the type of material, the amount of prep required, and the shape of the product, one of several different paint schedules will be applied to each product or product category.
Please contact our office to determine the schedule and the correct method of calculating the charge.

Valor Product Guide

» Valor Product Guide

Installation Instructions

Vinyl Shutters
» Shutter Installation Instructions
PVC Millwork
         » Beadboard Installation Instructions
         » Moulding Installation Instructions
         » Sheet & Trim Board Installation Instructions
         » Skirtboard Installation Instructions
         » Trim & Corner Installation Instructions

Product Updates

Additional product information or technical issues will be posted here.

Product Technical Drawings

Below are technical drawings of Valor products provided as PDF's.   
Square Column WrapsColumn Wraps REC-01 (96.0in Length Series)
Window CasingPlotting Radius Window Casing

Home Depot Stock Patio Awnings

Home Depot Awning Installation Instructions for 10ft Width

Home Depot Awning Installation Instructions for 12ft Width

Lowes 'Severe Weather' Stock Patio Awnings

Lowes Severe Weather Awning Installation Instructions for 10ft Width

Lowes Severe Weather Awning Installation Instructions for 12ft Width

Service Updates

Additional service information or technical issues will be posted here.

Valor Terms & Conditions


Custom & Special Order Goods
Orders for custom made goods cannot be cancelled or altered 24 hours after the order has been placed. No custom made goods are eligible for return. Valor may require partial of full payment of some custom made product orders.

Stock Goods
Non-custom made items require advance approval from our office for return, a return authorization number and packing list will be provided to you once approved to use as a packing slip. Items that had been special ordered from a supplier specifically for an order are NOT eligible for return. All return freight charges or other charges will be the responsibility of our customer. Valor may require photographs of product before considering a return authorization. Product purchased more than 6 months prior may not be eligible for return, nor will any product that is no longer maintained as regular stock. A 20% re-stocking charge (charges on the value of the product only) will be applied to ANY returned goods.

Product Specifications

Valor is constantly making product improvements and as a result we reserve the right to adjust product specifications, and/or materials without notice.


All shipments leave our plant with a packing slip. Discrepancies in quantity, etc., should be reported to us immediately. We may need to track a partial shipment, the order may have been split shipped by our carrier, or perhaps a mistake was made. Shipment variances not reported within 7 days of shipping date will be considered a complete and correct shipment.

Freight / Shipping

All prices quoted are F.O.B. our plant unless notified otherwise in writing, from an authorized representative of Valor Specialty Products Inc. Freight minimums to qualify for prepaid freight on a product category basis will be provided in writing, and may be modified from time to time, although customers will be notified in advance of any such changes to our policies.

Should your orders not meet any predefined minimums to qualify for prepaid freight, we will prepay and bill you for the freight. You may pick your orders up however we prefer to use our own carriers for shipping efficiency; should you wish to have us use your carrier a $25.00 fee will apply. We will endeavor to determine your requirements of us in respect to less than prepaid shipments, i.e. call in advance, call for authorization, etc.

Freight Damage

It is the responsibility of the Customer receiving the goods to inspect before signing for the goods. If there is visible damage, the Receiver MUST, make a notation of the Bill of Lading or and Document that the Carrier requires signed that there was “Damages”. If the Good’s we shipped with a Carrier designated by the Customer, and/ was shipping Collect; it is the Customers responsibility to contact the carrier for an inspection and issue a freight claim. THE GOODS MUST BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR INSPECTION REGARDLESS OF WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DAMAGE. If the goods were as a Prepaid Shipment / or Was shipped Prepaid and we billed the freight on our Invoice, then it is our responsibility to contact the Carrier for an Inspection and issue the freight claim. THE GOODS MUST BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR INSPECTION.
Any Noticeable Damage must be reported to either the Carrier or Valor within 24 Hours of Receiving the Shipment.

Freight Damage

Any Concealed Damage resulting from the shipping of goods MUST be reported to Valor within 15 Days of a Shipment. Any report of Damage beyond that period will not be
considered Freight Damage.

Valor may require photos of the product as well as the Shipping Carton in order to ascertain the nature of the damage. Any Damages that are beyond 30 Days for the date of the
shipment will not be considered as a Damage Claim; Valor will elect to repair the goods or reject the possibility of repair in which case replacement product may have to be purchased.

In no cases will Valor issue a credit or take a return of any Damaged product that is not being replaced.


Should any invoice have incorrect pricing, quantities, etc., please report them to our office right away. Valor will typically credit the initial invoice completely, and then re-bill with the correct values. DO NOT TAKE UNAUTHORIZED DEDUCTIONS FROM OUR INVOICES, to ensure your account is maintained and applied correctly.


Should you be charged for any taxes that do not apply to you, please inform us immediately. We will issue a credit for the taxes charged. It may be necessary to have a tax exemption certificate completed.


Our pricing is subject to change without notice.


Valor Specialty Products Inc. honors all manufacturer warranties for the products we offer. Valor will not be liable for any product failures, but will facilitate the repair or replacement of any applicable manufactures warranty per their terms. Valor will abide by the specific treatment of the warranty claim as specified by our supplier. Product inspection may be required by a factory (supplier) representative, and Valor authorized representative or an authorized dealer of Valor, which is to be determined co-cooperatively between Valor and our supplier.

Payment Terms

Those customers who may buy on a regular basis should apply for an account, and a Credit Application will be provided. One received we will perform our credit checks and due diligence and will advise the customer in writing as to the outcome and the amount of credit and the payment period authorized (if approved). All customers will be required to fill out a basic information form to capture basic company information so that we can set up the account correctly, regardless of payment terms.

Overdue Accounts

Interest will be charged on overdue accounts in the amount of 2.5% per month. Any and all legal costs, fees, charges, travel expenses, shipping, etc., will also be charged to any account where legal action is necessary to settle the account.

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