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Smooth Grain

Brackets & Accents

Brackets and Accents Provide a Uniform Aesthetic

Valor Brackets and Accent products look, feel and work just like high quality wood, but are impervious to moisture, insects and just about anything. They won’t swell, rot, split, delaminate, cup or craze, even under the harshest of conditions. Although they will readily accept paints and stains, are quite remarkable without. All come in a crisp, semi-matte white finish, and protected with UV inhibitors, making them resistant to fading or yellowing over time.

This trim can be routed and cut without chip outs, fastened close to edges without splits, and even heat-formed for curved applications. They’re also easy to install—saving you time and labor costs. With consistent density, color, and square edges, all trim products provide a uniform aesthetic. Valor can custom manufacture virtually any decorative elements to compliment trim on any home.

Whether you’re working on new construction, remodeling, perfecting a historic restoration, or just adding a decorative touch...we can help you find the perfect product to complete the look you have in mind. Providing you can’t find what you need, we'll fabricate it for you, from your photo, sketch, and discussions. And so...if we can draw it, we can make it!

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MBT-101010010PVC Bracket-Solid 10x10x3.5 in.
MBT-102040404PVC Bracket 4.0x4.0x4.0in
MBT-103060623PVC Bracket 5.50x6.25x2.25in
MBT-103060606PVC Bracket 5.50x6.25x5.50in
MBT-104141430PVC Bracket-Solid 14x14x3.0 in.
MBT-104161630PVC Bracket-Solid 16x16x3.0 in.
MBT-104181830PVC Bracket-Solid 18x18x3.0 in.
MBT-105121220PVC Bracket-Solid 12x12x2.00 in.
MBT-105141420PVC Bracket-Solid 14x14x2.00 in.
MBT-105181820PVC Bracket-Solid 18x18x2.00 in.
MBT-105121230PVC Bracket-Solid 12x12x3.00 in.
MBT-105141430PVC Bracket-Solid 14x14x3.00 in.
MBT-105181830PVC Bracket-Solid 18x18x3.00 in.
MBT-106121215PVC Bracket-Solid 12x12x1.5 in.
MBT-106141415PVC Bracket-Solid 14x14x1.5 in.
MBT-106161615PVC Bracket-Solid 16x16x1.5 in.
MBT-107121215PVC Bracket-Solid 12x12x1.5 in.
MBT-107141415PVC Bracket-Solid 14x14x1.5 in.
MBT-107161615PVC Bracket-Solid 16x16x1.5 in.
MBT-108141050PVC Rafter End-Hollow 14x10x5 in.
MBT-108142250PVC Rafter End-Hollow 14x22x5 in.
MBT-108142450PVC Rafter End-Hollow 14x24x5 in.
MBT-109071323PVC Rafter End-Hollow 7x13.5x2.25 in.
MBT-110152404PVC Bracket-Solid 15.0x24x3.50in
MBT-111155110PVC Bracket-Beam/Column 14.5x50.5x0.75in
MBT-112091330PVC Bracket-Hollow 9.25x13.00x3.00in
MBT-113152030PVC Bracket-Hollow 15.00x20.00x3.00in
MBT-114142240PVC Bracket-Hollow 14.00x22.00x4.00in
MBT-115141504PVC Bracket-Hollow 15.0x13.5x3.50in
MBT-116090903PVC Bracket-Hollow 8.5x8.5x3.0in
MBT-116110903PVC Bracket-Hollow 10.5x8.5x3.0in
MBT-117203230PVC Bracket-Solid 20x32x3.0in
MBT-118060660PVC Bracket-Hollow 5.5x5.5x12.0in
MBT-201171508PVC Bracket-Solid 16.9x15.4x0.75 in.
MBT-202091508PVC Bracket-Solid 8.5x14.9x0.75 in.
MBT-202122008PVC Bracket-Solid 11.6x20.4x0.75 in.
MBT-203231608PVC Bracket-Solid 23.4x16.1x0.75 in.
MBT-204362108PVC Bracket-Solid 36.1x20.8x0.75 in.
MBT-205121208PVC Bracket-Solid 12x12x0.75 in.
MBT-206241808PVC Bracket-Solid 24x17.8x0.75 in.
MBT-207162908PVC Bracket-Solid 16x29x0.75 in.
MBT-208221208PVC Gable Trim-Solid 22x12x0.75 in.
MBT-209103108PVC Gable Trim-Solid 10.2Xx31.4x0.75 in.
MBT-210072408PVC Gable Trim-Solid 6.5x23.9x0.75 in.
MBT-211123008PVC Gable Trim-Solid 11.7X3x30x0.75 in.
MBT-815225096PVC Bracket/Scroll Channel 1.50x2.25x96.00in
Technical Information:

Packaging: 1 per box
Important: Paint with an acrylic paint, extremely dark colours are not recommended unless professionally coated with heat reflective paints.

Call for many more product option not listed here.

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