Valor Specialty Products Inc., a wholly owned Canadian company is based in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. Valor and its subsidiaries were incorporated in 1991, although we operated under other corporate banners since 1987 when our shutter operation began. Our profile at the time was primarily manufacturing and installing aluminum shutters in southern Ontario.

Since then, we’ve managed several divisions of the company which have been engaged in numerous market segments within the building construction and home improvement market. Valor is Canada's leading manufacturer and supplier of unique and high quality residential remodeling products. We continued to build on our reputation and extensive line of home enhancement products.


Valor not only offers shutters, but a complete line of siding accessories and decor including; Window Headers, Pilasters, Gable Vents, Fixture Mounting Blocks, Columns, and PVC Cellular Trim and Mouldings. We have also complemented these with our shade program that provides Retractable Window and Patio Awnings, and continues to expand.

All of our products are designed and manufactured to achieve the highest quality in their fields, and are supported with the most aggressive warranties available. Our formula for success is simple:

  • Exacting engineering standards              
  • Quality Products
  • Commitment to Customer Service          
  • Warranties that set the standard for our industry
  • Competitive pricing!

Valor's products are available through a network of Canada's best builders, contractors, wholesalers, siding and window manufacturers and retailers. Call us anytime to find the location of a dealer or retailer in your area or for more information about our products.

Valor Specialty Products Inc., invites you to contact our offices to discuss how we may help you on your next project big or small. If you haven’t already, register your business to receive future editions of our brochures, product announcements, and special offers.

Thank you again for your consideration, and we hope to hear from you!


Troy Bogner

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