Valor Specialty Products Inc. produces many standard designs popular with developers and builders. We offer one of the broadest ranges of PVC Millwork, allowing us to provide the best product solution. Decorative elements - whether trim, accents, moulding, louvers or full-sized gable pediments - are some of the highest-impact architectural details you can add to a home. Properly selected, they become the aesthetic focal point of design and impact the style and curb appeal of a property.

Conversely, few elements can diminish the appeal of a home more than poorly maintained wooden accents. Rather than commit to an endless cycle of maintenance, painting, and replacement, many homeowners and builders simply remove them altogether during renovation and replace with low maintenance cellular PVC. This reopens whole styles of architectural design which fell out of favor due to expensive materials, maintenance, and installation. PVC Millwork...more affordable, easier to install, and maintain their appeal for decades.

PVC Millwork Properties

Easy to paint • No splitting, rotting, warping, swelling or delamination • Impervious to moisture • Insect resistant • Mould/mildew resistant • Good resistance to weathering • Closed cell structure • Ease of fabrication • Lightweight • High strength

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