Valor Custom PVC millwork products look, feel and work just like high quality wood, but are impervious to moisture, insects and just about anything. They won’t swell, rot, split, delaminate, cup or craze, even under the harshest of conditions. They don't need paint, but readily accept paints and stains, come in a crisp, semi-matte white finish and it’s protected with UV inhibitors, making it resistant to fading or yellowing over time.

These can be routed and cut without chip outs, fastened close to edges without splits, and even heat-formed for curved applications. They’re also easy to install—saving you time and labor costs. With consistent density, color, and square edges, all trim products provide a uniform aesthetic. Valor can custom manufacture virtually any decorative elements to compliment any home.

• Virtually any custom shape can be produced with the correct measurements.
• Products can be multi-layered and profiled parts
• Some Items may require Framing Templates
• All products will be quoted on an individual basis.

PVC Custom Millwork

Product Samples

Arch Frieze: Example 1

Arch Frieze: Example 2

Round Casing

Round Top Custom Curved Gable Fascia Board

Frieze Board Type - Elliptical

Cladding Applications

Contact us for many more product options available.

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