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Valor takes great pride in offering a wide range of shutter colours and accessories moulded through the plastic for maximum durability. These colours are not paintable. We, therefore, recommend our "paintable" shutter, specified as such in place of a any other colour. It is available in all the same sizes and styles of shutters. All shutters have a 40 Year limited warranty including the finish, excluding our paintable shutters. For those that would wish to order paintable shutters we recommend a light priming and then apply an acrylic paint.

Choose a colour that does something for your home, that draws attention to it. Every home is different; for some you may want to closely match your roof colour, for others you may want the match the eavestrough colour, and for many a totally different colour that just pulls all your other exterior colours together.

Although our colours are shown above, most monitors do not accurately represent the true colour; therefore we recommend you visit one of our Canadian or U.S. dealers or retailers to see them for yourself.

Choose between 16 standard colours and a paintable option.

Paintable Shutters
A “PAINTABLE” VERSION is a different type of plastic and MUST be specified when ordering. Please indicate “PAINTABLE” where a colour would normally be specified. We recommend a light exterior grade primer, and a quality exterior acrylic paint. Our coloured shutters CAN NOT BE PAINTED. The durable material does not allow paint to adhere.


Quarter Round Tops

• Typically used on round or arch top windows.
• Available only in 14.5” width and 17” height.
• Louvered and solid styles.
• Not available for Board & Batten style

Shutter Lock Plastic Fastener

• Eliminates the need for anchors if installed in masonry material.
• Available in all shutter colours. 12/bag.

Decorative Hinge & S-Hook

• Replicate the look of old traditional hinged shutters with S-Hooks (or holdback)
• Includes 4 Hinges & 2 S-Hooks
• Available in black only. Hinge & S-Hooks are sold as a kit and cannot be purchased separately.

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SHX-1001517 QTR Round Top-Louver
QTR Round Top-Solid
SHX-300300Shutter Lock Fastener
Hinge & S-Hook
Quarter round are per pair.

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